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Jason Nyback

Professional Overview

About Jason Nyback

Jason Nyback is a successful coach, consultant, and online business owner. He has been coaching business owners worldwide since 2008. His coaching includes advice on traffic, registrations, and more. Due to his hard work, Jason is widely considered one of the world’s leading experts in coaching and consulting.

Jason Nyback was born and raised in a small town in Alberta, Canada. He was born with a learning disability, which caused him to struggle quite a lot in high school. Jason isn’t ashamed to admit that he almost didn’t graduate. Despite this, he persevered and earned a bachelor’s degree in Theology from Vanguard College. Given his degree, it’s no surprise to learn that Jason Nyback initially set out for a life in the church. Before moving into business, he was an associate pastor for a 2,500-person Christian church.

Jason Nyback entered the business world in 2003. His motivation came from a realization—he and a partner noticed a gap in website technology. Jason and his partner wanted to start a technology company designed to help create self-sustaining websites. Within two years, the company continued to grow, with over one hundred and fifty clients. They also had a team in both Canada and the US.

This success led to Jason Nyback‘s decision to leave his life as an assistant pastor. He still wanted to help the church – by providing technology that could support churches and their websites. Ultimately, Jason and his partner sold the company they created, proving it was a highly successful company and business venture.

After selling his business, Jason Nyback began building a publishing company. This company sold digital training materials and eventually began serving sixteen different niche markets and thousands of customers. 

Thanks to this success, Jason Nyback began getting lots of questions from other business owners. Primarily, they wanted to understand how he got there and how they could recreate his success. This led to Jason providing coaching services on implementing his systems and more. One thing led to another, and soon, Jason Nyback was coaching and consulting full-time. 

These days, Jason Nyback‘s consulting is primarily focused on Facebook ads and online marketing. His services include webinars, workshops, and online videos. He is a proven expert in his industry, with nearly one hundred thousand followers on his company’s Facebook page. 

Jason Nyback‘s impressive track record includes driving over 1,000,000 visitors to his sites through Google Adwords and investing over $500,000 in Facebook ads for his ventures. Boasting a substantial following on Facebook exceeding 107,000 individuals, coupled with an email newsletter list of over 22,000 coaches and consultants, Jason Nyback continues to make waves in the digital marketing realm.

Since launching his consulting business, Jason Nyback has worked hard to establish his online presence. He has a solid and informative business page (visit it here), several social media profiles (including Facebook and LinkedIn), and now a growing catalog of videos on YouTube. Additionally, Jason has published three articles (all focused on his business and market specialty) and has been interviewed in two different podcasts. Jason has even been the subject of a Yahoo Finance article celebrating his success in ad spending on Facebook.

To learn more about Jason Nyback, visit his Business or Entrepreneurship Site.